Daily Practice for Mind, Body, Soul & Spirit

Thought for the Day: 

Each time I speak, I declare myself to my universe from the thoughts I think. My thought for today is VICTORY, which pronounces itself through me as an action taking place in every form of my demonstration. 

                                   Dr. Julia Melchoir 


Steps to Practice:

1. I take with confidence my first step towards victory with an attitude towards progression.

2. My mental awareness makes me unfold to my higher self and gain certainty in what I would become.

3. Practicing to listen to my inner voice gives me assurance that I can succeed and win. 

Daily Treatment

Declaration of the Truth within

• I am aware the thoughts I plant is the conscious idea that will bring forth fruit after its kind.  

• I keep planting ideas that are fruitful and beneficial.  

• I am forever giving positive energy to this idea by nourishing it with Love, Peace, Joy and All Divine Virtues. 

Daily Treatment Continues

Declaration of the Truth Within

• I allow the creative soil (soul) to generate and create my desires. 

• I consciously accept God (Spirit) as the eternal source of all good within.

• Thank your father for all this and more.

• I am grateful.

Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Fear Factor

Positive Thinking For A Positive Mind, Body & Soul



Pure thoughts leads to pure actions, pure actions from us changes our world.
Have a new awareness of your thoughts, through Positive Thinking and achieve stable goals in your life. 

Learn how to "Think What To Think." You Are What You Think, So Think Positive.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  



In order to give man a body having life in itself, God endowed man with a  focal life Center located in the generative organs. This is the center of activity, and also the seat of Sensation. Sensation and Generation is necessary to man's character, and this is what makes man a complete representative, or image and likeness of God. 

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  



Since Soul is consciousness its daily life demonstrates its purity, or impurity. Purity equals righteousness, and impurity equals Sin. If Soul is consciousness then its action is consciousness. Therefore, righteousness is a State of our Consciousness, as well as Sin is a State of Conscious Awareness.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  

Self-Respect Begins Within Yourself


Self-Respect/ Self-Image

What is self-respect?  How can we respect this Self?  We are respecting the True Self or Inner Self (which have all the attributes or values).  Can we see this Self?  Respect given to the True Self will soon reflect on the outer or Physical Self or as shown through others.

Self-Respect will eliminate, fear, anger, confession, and many other negative thoughts.

Self-Respect is something no one should be without.

Respect means nurturing. Strength is based on the awareness that everyone has Values because everyone is a unique individual expression of God. True Respect is the balance between strength and weakness; not advertising strength outrightly, but gently highlighting it by giving it a task.    

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  


Steps to Gain for Self-Respect. As your Self?

  1.   Discover within your being; self - respect
  2. What can you gain out of self-respect?
  3. How would the Pure Self function with Self-Respect?
  4. How would we strengthen the seed of practicing the values with Self-Respect?
  5. By working from within ourselves we Gain Self Respect.
  6. Practice  the habit to others by giving them Self-Respect.

-Soul then becomes the Stable Force for self respect.

Love brings the balance for respect.  Self-respect allow us to grow in our own time.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  

Practical Exercises to Identity the Self

Big Self


Consist of Divine attributes

  • Joy
  • Peace
  • Love
  • Wisdom
  • Abundant
  • Happiness
  • Success

Dr. Julia Melchoir  

"To See the Self is to Know the Self"


  • Become Self-conscious.
  • Speak to the Self.
  • Learn the process of how to think what to think.
  • Expand your Divine Potential.
  • What are your desires?
  • Complete one Goal at a Time.
  • "Praise the Self."

Honoring the Self will allow you to know your Values and become a person of Honor!

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  


Little Self


Consist of Divine attributes

  • Ego
  • Lust
  • Criticism
  • Covetous
  • Condemnation
  • Anger
  • Jealousy

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  

Dis-ease in the Mind is Disease in the Body


Cleansing Treatment

I conquer my mental household, and cast out all fear and doubt. My word  becomes the activity of Spirit which binds my senses, and guards my thoughts from all error thinking. 

This must be done three time a day to correct any misguided thoughts.


Refer to life changing coaching for the healing method. 

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  


Life Changing Counseling For the Healing of Your Mind!

Some  of you may have the experience of knowing GOD; some may not. Those  who know of this presence of GOD is still wondering why their lives are not  fulfilled in many directions, and why they are encountering so many difficulties in certain areas of their daily existence.

All  the answers are hidden within your own being. There are thought patterns and attitudes that have a direct effect on every thing you do in life. This reflection is like your shadow which walks with you  continuously producing after its own likeness.

You  can eradicate any non-beneficial behavior and have more Clarity in mind  by learning the art of LIFE CHANGING COUNSELING, which will result in  directing your dreams and desires to achieve a positive and rewarding  life.

Why Life Changing Counseling is Important?

  • It gives you the opportunity to forgive, and love yourself without guilt.
  • To change and release any outward destructive behavior.
  • To find Peace of Mind, and acquire the Art of Learning to accept the Truth.
  • To forgive others, and know that by doing this they have given you the opportunity to be Blessed.
  • To achieve a better understanding of yourself, and unite with others in Harmony.

*For individual/group counseling with Dr. Julia Melchoir see our Contact page.

Dr. Julia Melchoir

Practice Daily 7 Steps to Changes


7 Steps of Laws to Change Yourself

  • Law of Love - selfless act without return.
  • Law of unity - to bring together forces of strength.
  • Law of Greatness - to achieve your ultimate goals and desire.
  • Law of attraction  - to produce a specific demonstration.
  • Law of compensation  - to acquire the return in efficiency. 
  • Law of Obedience - to comply with what you are told.
  • Law of Prosperity/Abundances - to hold in mind a desire to fulfill.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  



Omni - Present Spirit - Is the Law inherent within your own being. 

It is the right use of your own attitudes, and actions and it is also the wrong use of your own attitudes, or actions, so you are bound to the Law of your own being. God is the all providing Law, he is the Spiritual Substance out of which  everything is made, and will supply all his children bountifully out of  his own abundance.

God is mind, and man the offspring of God is Mind. To know the law of God man must adjust his mind to omnipresence. The first step in applying this law is to recognize it as truth, unless God is known as the source of all Supply (men will look to the material  world for support) which violates the law, and breaks the connection with the one good.

Divine Law means the orderly working out of the principles of being, and it cannot be broken, for it holds man responsible for the result of his labors.

The Law that Moses laid down for Israel was of Denial, and affirmation. Jesus' Law was of affirmation, and love, thus taking control of the forces within to keep us on the affirmative side.

Dr. Julia Melchoir


Scripture - Reading

Deuteronomy 6-1-25 - commands and decrees Laws

Deuteronomy 17 - Vs. 12, 13, Respect to Church Court.

Nehemiah - 9 - Vs 1-3 & Vs 13-15 - God good just Laws

Ezekiel 44 - 23, 24 - Priests as Judges

Romans 7 -1, Vs 2 & 3

1Corinthians 7-39

Matthew - 5-32

Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall. Look Into Your Mirror.

Looking within your mind is easy as each one of us has the ability to know  right from wrong. Admitting to ourselves there are faults that need to  be changed is very hard. 

Make your mind your Best Friend. See which thoughts are beneficial and non-beneficial. Thoughts are things and mold forms which turn into action. 

Dr. Julia Melchoir

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

I am the Mirror


I am the mirror; the infinite is always imparting itself to me. It created me in order to give itself away by means of me.  

I am the mirror, I am the Divine recipient of all the ideas of Life, Truth, and Love.  

I am the mirror; I now accept these ideas from the bounty which has already been given to me.

I am the mirror; my subconscious mind rejoices in the new material with its creative directions.  

I am the mirror; it creates new situations better than any that I have gone before.  These new situations remain by which I give myself to a better world and to a finer humanity.  

I am the mirror; I am the receiving and distributing process of the Divine Mind.  

I am the mirror; I know myself as this.  I am the mirror; I respect myself as this.  

I am the mirror; I give Praise and Thanks that this is so because it is so.

I am the mirror, there is no rhyme nor reason for disorder in my world.  

I am the mirror; my world is in God's world.  

I am the mirror, God's world is governed by Law and Order, and so is Mine.

I am the mirror; I now express the Order and Wisdom of the Spirit. 

I am the mirror, my decision to be free of all lack and all fear of lack is definite.

I am the mirror, no longer shall poverty ideas function in my subconscious mind.

I am the mirror; I now authorize my subconscious to neutralize all such habit patterns.  They are no more.

I am the mirror, in their place, I now authorize healthy MONEY PATTERNS, HEALTHY PROSPERITY PATTERNS.

I am the mirror; these new patterns are spiritual and are now in action in me.  

I am the mirror, I know that this is so, and act as though it were so.

I am the mirror, I AM a Free Creative Prosperous Individual, Inspired by Creative Ideas That Impel Me to Right Action Producing Right Results.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 



Looking within your mind is easy as each one of us have the ability to know right from wrong. Admitting to ourselves there are faults that need to be changed is very hard.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 




Soul is being fed by thoughts. Soul is the subjective side of LIFE,

The MIRROR of MIND for it reflects the FORMS of THOUGHT which are given it. It takes the thought of CONSCIOUS MIND and acts upon it. Its nature is subjective.


I can see myself as the MIRROR

 Dr. Julia Melchoir