Ordained Blessing

As you enter into the sacred place of the most high God, you are divinely led in the right direction at the right place, and the right time be open, and receptive to the rich inflow of the holy spirit."

Hear "O Israel the Lord Our God is one God"

It is he that hath made us and not we ourselves.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Eternal Light of Being Center of Truth Services

Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir Declares


I create by my thoughts every experience I have in my world; every thought idea turns into a reality immediately. 

Spoken into motion they manifest, and my acceptance is at full power

as each thought comes forth.

Clergy Services Render





Bible Education.

Spiritual Counseling



Substance Abuse.

Sexual Abuse.

Trouble Teenagers.

About Eternal Light of Being Center of Truth



To proclaim the truth for every individual to live from their God Center, and function from their own Divinity.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 



Let us build our foundation on the Word of God, and truth and honor the God within as we awake the cells, and Atoms in our being to Radiating Light.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 



To teach the Word of God to all mankind, and Liberating their Souls to accept a Higher Consciousness in Life.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Spiritual Services


Attention! Attention! Attention!

Revitalize your Congregation or Organization:

Pastors and Clergy take a refreshing break, and at the same time RAISE FUNDS for your church.  

Featuring  Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir, a Dynamic spiritual teacher who will enlighten your congregation to the positive truth of Christ.  

Do you need to have a SEMINAR at your Church or Organization?
Choose a Topic According to your needs, or Request one listed below:

  • Spiritual Healing.
  • Love and Devotion.
  • Father as the Principle.
  • Prosperous Living.
  • Church Foundation.
  • Sum Total of God.
  • I shall keep the promise.
  • "I the supplier."
  • Teenagers - The right way of living.
  • The Resurrection.
  • Fear of knowing.
  • Prayer is the key.
  • ​Mothers are the Best.
  • Church Anniversary.
  • Church Harvest - In gathering.

All costs depends on the length of time your Seminar will be conducted.  Contact us and we will tell you how the seminars work.


Biblical Messages

  • Creator, Creation, Creature.
  • Jesus Well of Living Water.
  • Spiritual maturity, and a Diligent Quest.
  • Sunrise, and I the celestial image.
  • The righteous, and unlawful yoke.
  • Celebration of the Celestial Soul.
  • God's promises.
  • Muzzle not the Ox.
  • Good measure shaken together.
  • The Order of Ordination/Ordinances.
  • Remembrance as Soul.
  • How to overcome Spiritual Fear.


Spiritual Topics

  • Breaking Down internal Barriers.
  • Held in Egypt | Bondage.
  • Cosmic Forces - Negative or Positive. 
  • Illumined Consciousness.
  • Honor the creative spirit within your being.
  • God resides in the center of man's being, and Spirit will give us only what we take.

Ordain Blessing Seminars & Workshop



Spirituality is not bondage; it is Joy, Freedom, Light, Happiness; it brings abundance; it is inspiring to the Soul; it gives us Clarity, Sound, and Good Reasoning. It is the expression of all mankind to achieve in this life time. 

Dr. Julia Melchior


Ordain - Blessing Services

  • Bible Study Group.
  • Religious Seminars.
  • I am - Meditation Class.
  • Spiritual mind Treatments.
  • Prayers.
  • I Decree/Declarations.
  • Sermons For Pastors.


Intense Spiritual Success Seminar & Workshop


It's your time to LEARN, and be FILLED, and OVERFLOW with the POWER OF the MOST HIGH.

A Time to Sow, and a Time to Reap of the Harvest of GOD's UNIVERSE.

To Uproot all Blockages, Disorders, and DISSOLVE All Unwanted Situations.

A Time to End All Old Hurt and Pain.

To Destroy ALL NON-Beneficial Forms.




 Dr. Julia Melchior 

Creation by the word

Creation By the Living Word


Supplying the Righteous Word.

It is done unto you according to Your Spoken Word. Through your word, you will find that you can move upon the all loving, and all enfolding substance of God, and bring into Visibility every ideal he holds in thought. It was in this way that Jesus mounted to the heights, and proved the supremacy of the Christ within himself over the limited concepts of Mortal Thought. (Hear “O Israel the Lord Our God is one God)2

​Let us read – Matthew 12 Verses 13, 32-37 (Foundation Reading). Jesus on the Sabbath day, plucking the Corn, and healing the sick Man’s condemnation by his own words. Elevation in your Consciousness, and Thinking Pattern. The word became Spirit; the word is quickened by The Spirit of God therefore by the word Jesus healed. The word becomes flesh.  

("Thou Shalt Love the Lord thy god with all thine heart, and with all thy Soul, and with all thine might." "And these words which I command thee this day shall be in thine heart.") In Matthew 4-4 when Jesus was tempted of the Devil, and the devil said to him if thou be the son of God command that these Stones be made bread, he answered him and said man cannot live by bread alone but by every word that proceeded out of the mouth of God and in Dent 8-3. It says he humbled thee and suffered thee to hunger and fed thee with manna which thou newest not neither did thy fathers know. 

"God allow us to create anew anytime we choose whatever we choose."

 Dr. Julia Melchior 



Prayer - Communion between God, and Man. It is the way to Cleanse, and perfect the consciousness, and thus permanently heal the body. It is the most highly accelerated mind action known. 

Man's consciousness must synchronize with the Christ mind. This is the language of Spirituality. DO NOT Supplicate or Beg God. Be still and think about GOD INEXHAUSTIBLE RESOURCES OF INFINITE MIND.  Read Matthew 6-33-34. 

Pray believing that you have received.

Types of Prayer

  • Prayer - Intercessory.
  • Prayer of Health - quickly answered, the natural forces of the body divine Laws.
  • Prayer Invocation- to invite the holy spirit.

Meditative Prayer


Man created in the image and likeness of God, you are predestined to being the perfect pattern into expression. 

Jesus first prayed for himself, and then for his apostles, and then for all who would accepts salvation through him.

I take the Christ way to fulfillment, I lay aside every fear, doubt, and worry as we (I) enter into the silent peaceful, contemplation that the Spirit of the living God is within (me) us. All the power there is; all the presence there is, and all the life there is, is right here, and is governing the activity of my life into the fulfillment of Joy.

 Dr. Julia Melchior 

Metaphysics - joy I am



Joy means to rejoice and a feeling of happiness that come from success, good fortune, a sense of well being, bliss, delight, enjoyment or pleasure to experience.

"The joy of Lord is my strength," (Nehemiah 8:10) I fill my being with these words and know that I am entitled to a life of joy. 

Dr. Julia Melchoir



  •  Spiritual joy - joy replaces sorrow.
  • Soul source true joy - to create from within our selves.
  • Universal rejoicing - with all creation.
  • Term/jump for joy - happiness in our hearts.
  • Rewarded with happiness - joy of demonstration.

Where do you find true joy? Not in the outer appearances of your life; it comes from within our being like a stream, and becomes a peaceful acceptance of who and what we are, a divine inlet, and outlet for the great. I AM principle to flow through our being with its divine attributes, peace, joy, etc.. Each conscious act of our life should reflect the joy of our being. What we say, and do will soon become a manifestation of bliss, and delight, and a radiant glow of our --- consciousness will out-picture our world.
Joy will appear when our carnal, or material senses are controlled Spiritualized.   

Dr. Julia Melchoir



  •  The creating factor for joy is releasing ourselves to our higher, or highest God Self or true Self.
  • Power of release to know who, and what we are, and simply to allow the powerful energy to take control of our lives.
  • To end or stop the struggle of Outer Appearance.
  • Let Joy flow life through us as a River.

Dr. Julia Melchoir


Spiritual Enhancement

  • The law of god is one of Liberty and not one of Bondage.
  • The Spirit of truth, and Freedom are co-existent, and self propelling with one another.
  • Whenever we are  conscious of God, or pure Spirit, we are made free, and this is proven in mental, and spiritual healing.
  • Be conscious of perfect life, and the body is healed.
  • Become unconscious of the imperfect, and conscious of perfect alone.
  • Ideas of perfection is limited to our understanding. We do not manifest perfection.
  • When trying to demonstrate abundance - Think of yourself as Sons of God having liberty, and access to demonstrate all.
  • Do not dwell on lack, for it will create the undesired condition.
  • Mediate on plenty - to bring the mind to a point of conceiving an eternal flow of life, truth, and energy through you, and through everything we do, say, and think.

Dr. Julia Melchoir

Metaphysics teaching


GOD SAID "I AM THAT I AM THAT I AM" By Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir

Eternal Light of Being Center of Truth believes that God is a loving, Infinite Intelligence, operating through, and in all of life; never separate from anyone or anything. Through classes, and studying we come to understand our oneness with this indwelling Divine Presence. The way of life we teach, and practice is learning how to live in accordance with spiritual principles. These principles, or metaphysical laws, are as reliable as the laws of physical science.


I AM that I AM

Living only became a difficult problem until man disobeyed, and refused to listen to the inner voice. When man learns to listen to the inner voice, he will cease to labor for the means of a living, and will work for the Joy of creating every new experience in life.

Each and every day hold in your thought as the energy flows within your being (your desire to accomplish). Know without a doubt you are a creative being spirit, and you have the power within taking place right there and then; you are creating via your Thinking. So Think What to Think. Negative or Positive - you are creating A NEW through each living cell in your Mind, and it becomes the joy of changing, or creating a thought to your specific needs. You will enter into the Joy of creating under the law of your own being.

Gratitude for the Blessing - As you quietly bless and give thanks for in memory of the promise God made to you from the beginning, and for that which you have received, the supply is increased in measure to meet every need.


Declaration: I Reside In You

Today I acknowledge the God in me that resides in my being. I am co-eternal with the presence that lives in me. I am joint heir to its Kingdom. I am one with God. I allow this God to rise up in me. I am not trodden down, or beaten by any outer appearances, or circumstances.  

I am unlimited, and free to express my divinity, and I rise in consciousness expressing within, and without my true nature as joint heir to the Kingdom of God. I am full to accept all unlimited demonstrations, and manifestations in my life. I reside in God. Thus Omni present all-knowing powerful (Spirit) self resides in me. Let my outer demonstration reflect the God in me.


I Decree, I AM That I AM. I Declare, I reside in You GOD.

Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Metaphysics - creation

The Creation Story


God is all there is. Since all is God, then I am God. I create all out of me just as I am. The world in which I live is my own creation. I live in the total awareness that I am God. I consciously express all the creation out of myself, which is identical to who I am. My creator and I are one Total love, joy, peace, happiness, abundance, perfect health and wholeness. Because I am indestructible, and I am the creator, and created then all my creation are in wholeness as I am.

Dr. Julia Melchoir 

God's Plan


My desire as God is to express various aspects of my nature. I create myself as man. Man is the only one of my creation that knows me as I am. Man is therefore identical to me just as I am. Man has dominion over all that he creates. I create a playground upon which I can interact the beingness which I am. My plan is whole, pure, and perfect just as I am. I give of my eternal self to all. I am joy, peace, happiness, perfect health, and happiness. I am God.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  

The Word


I create my world through my spoken word; my word comes from my thought, the creative cause of all that is made manifest. In the beginning was the word.  This word is me just as I am. I am the word, I am God. The word is just as I am.  Before I bring the formless into form I say, "Let there be," and there is. I speak my word for all I desire to express. I am God, God I am. I am the word.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Metaphysical Thoughts


The common meeting ground of God, and man is the creative principles - Law the Mind.

The different states of mind are the conscious, and the unconscious affirmative, fixed and mortal carnal.

The subjective mind acts as it connects with the creative conscious awareness.

Three phases of the conscious mind are: Conscious, subconscious, super-conscious.

Spiritual mind treatment is for identifying with that which we call upon for our desired good.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir  

Educational and Community Services


Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts COMMUNITY SERVICES RENDERED

Life Coaching, Mentoring, Positive Thinking

Daily Practices, Self-Respect Programs, Women's Millionaire's Club & CLERGY SERVICES.

Demonstrate your Divine attribute by attending our seminars and workshops.


Promote your self image by attending these lectures:

  • Independent Thinking Skills.
  • I declare who I AM.
  • My Universe answers me.
  • I mirror my Reflection.
  • Whatever I attach To I AM.


Outreach Programs

  • Food Pantry.
  • Volunteer Services.
  • Unwed Teen Mothers.
  • Senior Citizens.
  • Women outreach program.
  • Bullying of Teenagers / Human Behavior.



Special Needs - Community Services

  • Pastoral Counseling.
  • Relationship Counseling.
  • Abused Women Counseling.
  • Marriage Counseling.
  • Friendship Counseling.
  • Domestic Violence.
  • Behavioral Management.
  • Education Awareness.
  • Health & Wellness Workshops.

Volunteer services, gifts, and donations are highly appreciated to aide in giving for these community services.  Contact Us using this link.

Educational Services

Life Changing Seeds Of Thoughts Independent Thinking Skills


" A Millionaire's thoughts is needed to achieve your goals."

Thought for today is : "Adjust your thoughts, and release mental bondage that will give you liberty."

Club Statement: "To change my belief system, and accept a greater vision of myself."

Purpose of the Club

To assist each member in raising the bar for themselves, and attain a greater self-confidence.

Billionaire/Millionaire - Time

Strive to utilize your time effectively by creating positively, and gaining self worth.


What ever I attach to; I AM.

I declare Who I AM.

My universe answers ME.

I MIRROR My Reflection.

Mastering my thoughts becomes my Goal.


To be productive each day, and establish a stronger faith in achieving your goal.

Make a choice

More money, more money, more money.

Youth education division

After School - Independent Thinking Skilled Program


This program is designed for Children between the ages of 6 - 21 years. Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts (LCSOT) is intended to add the Skill, and Values of Revealing the truth from within each child to attain a higher dimension for themselves. Each value of life is kept a secret until revealed from the within to the without. LCSOT gives the opportunity to allow every dream, or desire to be fulfilled from an early age, and growing with the understanding that every goal can be achieved because of their ambition to do so in Life.

Program Outline


What is Learned by this Method?

To learn to "Think What to Think" independently.

To learn that each honorable Thought will bring its own fruit of Good.

To have or Embrace Beneficial Thoughts about themselves and others.

To Demonstrate and Set their Goals for their highest Achievement.

The learn the Method to think and pattern your thoughts daily.

To discipline and have good morals, belief in themselves and principles of Life.

To learn and form the habit of thinking in the future and not the past.

Statement of Self


 I am what I Think and I allow myself to accept it; I am the greatest personI am Powerful, and Creative and I believe it. 

Virtues of Self


Love, Peace, Joy, Abundance, Success, Prosperity, Happiness.

Building Blocks to Life


"Think What to Think"

See no Evil, Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil.

Talk LESS and Listen MORE.

Constructive Thinking.

Practical Steps to Enhance Your Life


Think daily on your goals - higher grades, succeed in your school work, ask yourself what your ultimate goal is?

Read Daily chapters of your favorite book - increase a chapter a day.

Chose Positive Friends. 

Look only at edifying programs to enhance your life. (Television)

Let your conversations be decent and good.

Have good recreation - Sports ect...

Skill Methods By Role Playing


 All children go through the impact of infiltration from each person in their lives, be it good or bad. They become aware of it,and stays in  their consciousness, and is used at the time when needed by learning to separate their own thoughts, and know ones will benefit them. The most  gives them the tool to use at times. When the non-beneficial thought, or action is about to demonstrate around them. Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts allows this important step to become a practical, and real demonstration.  

Definition of Role Playing


Separating their thoughts Non-Beneficial and Beneficial in a practical Demonstration.

Giving in a classroom - e.g. bulling, teasing, or fighting at that moment what am I thinking how should I respond to my class mate; am I angry should I respond by words, or by striking; do I seek advice, from my teacher, or peers.

Definition of Independent Thinking


Independent thinking then becomes your child, or children's only alliance to rely on, in, or at this time of need, or defense to make a decision from within their own minds how to respond.  Can either save their lives, or become fatal to them. In our Society today most of our kids are not trained, or know how to Channel their emotions of Anger and resentment. Life Changing Seeds of Thoughts gives mentoring, and a skill to avoid these INCIDENTS from becoming a pattern in their lives.



In mentoring which also means fostering, allows a child, or children to become familiar, or acquainted with a specific type of Skill, or Method to enhance their lives daily, and defend themselves in a positive way when the odds seem to be against them. 

They will learn how to share with each other, and find the security of equality, therefore a natural bond can be developed with each other of Love, and allow their creativity to be manifested. 

Independent Thinking Classes For:


  1. Young Teenager Pregnancy (Women).

Out Reach and Family Shelters.

Young Adult.

Children After School Program.

Motto to Say Daily:

What I committee myself to comes my first choice in LIFE.

Join the Children Book Club!