Millionaire's Empowerment Chapter For Women

Millionaire's Empowerment Chapter For Women


A Ministry for WOMEN to enlighten, and share their interest to empower each other to the path of success. 

You are rewarded by the truth within yourself, and that which you stand for will announce itself in your life and be demonstrated as your truth, and it will give you exactly what you are entitled to receive.

Become an eagle and don't be afraid to fly high.

It is not your destiny that determines your flight, but it's the height that you go to.

Success Is Your Divine Heritage

You were born to be rich! The Universe that created you provides for you abundantly.

Grow in the awareness.. Declare your words as the truth within say to your real self: My success is BIG, POWERFUL, & IRRESISTIBLE.  Nothing succeeds like me.  

I now grow from success to greater success.

I accept my Divine Heritage.



What your mind conceives, you will achieve.

Walk, talk, and act like a healthy, happy MILLIONAIRE. 

Imagine yourself with $1,000,000.00 every year.

Make prosperous thinking a part of your life.

Make success a daily habit.

All Millionaires are invited, join this club, and enjoy the ride to the sky.

If you are an eagle you are not afraid to fly high. 

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Training to becoming a Millionaire

Training to becoming a Millionaire!


Daily Practices

"Their is Greatness within you. Release It."

In order to become a Millionaire you must first partake in our 7 weeks

"Mastermind Training Group." 

Note Individuals and Groups are welcome.

Millionaire Demonstration


Dress like a millionaire; talk like a millionaire; act like a millionaire, and your demonstration in life will appear.

Learn the reason why you are not succeeding at what you do best.

You have tried everything and still failed.

Have a MILLIONAIRE'S consciousness. Be focused and one pointed.

Take the first step - Step Out of the Box.

A millionaire's consciousness is to be empowered constantly.

Match your consciousness with your demonstration in life.

Don't be afraid of Wealth, it is your divine Heritage.

The Law of Attraction will respond to you; think what you want, and say what you want.

The Vision Bound is the Vision attained.


Millionaire Teachings


Change, Change, Change.

Erase your negative ideas (self) I can't make it.

Change is good so chose your thoughts, your habits, your friends etc..

Stop saying what you don't want and say what you want.

Stop playing the blaming game (parents, boy, friends etc).

Times are hard and it will respond to you.

Become self aware of what you do, and make good decisions.

These things reflect your Consciousness:


What you wear



Partner in Life



Law of Attraction & Prosperity

The Law of Correspondents


Correspondents means to be in agreement, to match and to communicate

Correspondent - Is something that's similar, fitting, and confirming.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Scriptures on the Law:

Thy Law is my delight.  Psalm 119-174

What the Law could not do.  Roman 8-3

All the Law is fulfilled Gal 5-14

Fulfill the Law of Christ Gal 6-2

Law of Liberty.  James 1-25   

Omni Presence is Everywhere Present


In this measure it is necessary to give fully of our divine attributes if we are the receiver from this spiritual reservoir, or the fountain of all  Life that is GOD. For this is the Omni -Present Spirit that allows its substance to flow abundantly, and has no beginning or ending; it is INFINITE. 

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Supply & Prosperity


Money is not Supply or Abundance


Let us look at the apple tree that is laden with fruit, and we know that the apples do not represent Supply because when they are Sold, eaten or given away the  apple continues to produce as it's the tree planted that produces after its kind.

Question: What happens then?  Where is the Supply of apples?  It's gone, but the supply remains which is the seed planted by the tree, and a new crop starts to grow at once, but what remains is the Supply.  Where does it remain within the Apple tree because within that tree there is a Law of demonstration.  You can call it a Law of GOD, Nature, or the Law of sowing and reaping. The name is not important but the recognition of the presence of a Law operating in the tree, or as the tree is. Therefore what makes apple's is minerals, substance, elements of air, water and sunshine that contributes to the entire process of bringing forth its fruit. Thus this is the Law by which trees operate. Supply is always inherent from within.

Turn back to the Scripture and Read.

Thus we understand that the Law is the Supply, and the apples are the fruit, which is the results, or the effect of the Law. For prosperity constantly gives to increase abundantly.  See GOD, or Spirit as everything lasting; never-ending; infinite. The name GOD is noted as in the time when man needs to demonstrate Supply, and Substance as "Jehovah Jireh" by calling, or invoking this name allows you to be closer for this manifestation.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

The Prospering Power of Praise & Thanksgiving


The consciousness of GOD as the Abundant everywhere present resource is unfailing and ready for all who open themselves to it through faith they that seek Jehovah Shall not want any good thing Psalm. 34.10.

Prosperity is based on the conscious possession of the idea of God as the abundant source of all things. Things come and go but the idea of abundance endures. Things appear at its command, and Jesus has no visible possession, but he could supply thousands of persons with food through praising and giving thanks to the invisible Spirit of plenty.

In demonstrating Prosperity, you should praise, and give thanks for every little evidence of financial improvement and be confident of the immediate co-operation of God's Spirit within you in bringing to pass that for which you have given thanks.


The more you have the more you want. 

The more you have the more you spend.

The more you have the more you worry.

The more you have the more you loose.

The more you have the more the leave.

Spiritual Treatment for Money

Money is a reflection of my consciousness. It is the returning to the source that GOD provides for me, and it shows my integrity, and allows me TO BE BLESSED; it is inexhaustible, and replenishes itself continuously.  I accept that I have enough to give, and to share, and it comes back to me multiplied and running over.

Don't Blame GOD

   Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Club Features group

Featuring Millionaire's of the Future


Women seeking  Spiritual, Physical & Emotional Healing

Women in Public Speaking - Inspirational and motivational.

    Women in Charitable services - volunteers services, and helping the needy; promoting Christian care.

    Women ofw the Cloth of the ministry - preaching, teaching, Pastoring etc...

    Women Single and Lonely - lost a spouse, divorced, never been married, married, and not happy; love gone wrong.

    Women Abuse - low self-esteem, feeling sorry for yourself, broken and ill-treatment.

    Women of Great Beauty - beauty pageant, good looking.

    Women attracting their Soulmates - language of a woman's heart, and to love again.

    Women of honor - strengthening loved ones, integrity, God fearing etc...

    Women under the Yoke - burden/the story untold.

    Women who are Mothers - selfless love, capacity to forgive.

    Women inheritance - prosperous financially.

    Women without inheritance - poverty, few rights to wealth.

    Women who are Fathers - man's helper, looked on as a slave (no rights).

    Women without Dignity - values degraded, bad choice of men (loose). 

    Women of Professional Career - businesses.

    Women of Senior Ages - thinks they are too old to live life.

    Women who are Pregnant - teenagers.

"Life has responded to each woman according to her innate desire." 

LIFE CHANGING SEEDS OF THOUGHTS Millionaire's Women Empowerment Chapter extends an invitation to Women's Clubs, Groups & Lion's Organizations.

The Women's program consists of: 

    Health and wellness program.

    Life coaching and mentoring.

    Spiritual ethics and meditation.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Club Event


The Millionaire Empowerment Monthly Lecture & Club Events

Dress like a Millionaire & Come

"Match your Consciousness"

The Vision Bound is the Vision Attained


Rev. Dr. Julia Melchoir 


An Inspirational & Motivational - Mentor With

The Laws of Attraction.

Abundance, Prosperity.

Good Health.

Right Relationship.


And Topics like:

​Step out of the box.

Learn how to attract your perfect Soulmate.

You are entitled to this life style.

"Don't be afraid of Wealth it is your Divine Heritage"

Accept your seeds of greatness.


What is Money!

Money is planting the seed and reaping the harvest.

Money is mind in action.

Money is man's idea of circulation.

Money is releasing and letting go.

Money is an attitude of gratitude.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir 

Upcoming and Ongoing





I am a Gift of God

I am a Divine Tribute to Mankind

I am a Tribute to Love

I am a Tribute to Care

I am a Tribute to Share

I am a Tribute to Happiness

I am a Tribute to Strength

when there is pain.


I am a Tribute of Light

As I share its Rays of Hope and Trust

I am a Tribute of Understanding

as I listen and Comfort those in need of it,

I am a Tribute in Voice, as I pour out my Wisdom to others.


​I am a Tribute 

I was born to regenerate myself out of love

I am a Tribute wherever I go

and I give my Divinity

I am a Tribute

for I am the heart that knows every pain and cries

when it over flows with Joy.


I am a Divine Tribute to mankind

for I am Blessed to bear the fruit of all life.

It is a gift from God given to me 

I am a Tribute to all - for without me 

none would be able to have the experience of Life.

 Dr. Julia Melchoir